Tarantino to Helm Home Invasion Horror “The Gawkers”

Some say there’s no better inspiration for horror than life itself, and it’s real life that has inspired Quentin Tarantino to finally find his replacement for THE HATEFUL EIGHT in home invasion thriller, THE GAWKERS.

Sources claim Tarantino’s script follows a Hollywood director who finds himself facing off against a group of vicious home invaders who aim to steal his latest script at all costs. Inspired by his recent troubles over the leak of his last script, THE GAWKERS will be Tarantino’s first film since the ultraviolent DJANGO UNCHAINED and his first contemporary film since KILL BILL: VOLUME 2 if produced. Fans may remember Tarantino has dipped his feet into horror before, with his GRINDHOUSE film DEATH PROOF and his screenplay for FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.

“He’s been inspired to take on horror after talking to Robert [Rodriguez] about the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN series,” says sources close to the director. “Quentin is especially a fan of ‘70s home invasion films, and has found the writing of THE GAWKERS to be profoundly cathartic.”

For those hoping that Tarantino may take the extra step to act in the film, don’t hold your breath, as sources claim Tarantino has no interest in playing the lead. And although the script is incomplete as of this writing, sources also claimed that Tarantino will soon be assembling the cast and the film is shaping up to be one of his most brutal films.

“KILL BILL, BASTERDS and DJANGO may have had the body count, but THE GAWKERS will bring the pain in a big way,” adds the trusted source. “However, Quentin is being very protective of this script, and will only allow his cast to read their pages off of his personal tablet.”

Tarantino hopes to begin production on THE GAWKERS this fall, and is currently lending his name to help secure distribution for the romantic indie whodunit, FOOLING APRIL.

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