Teaser: An Alien sees the Scottish sights in Jonathan Glazer’s “UNDER THE SKIN”


Jonathan Glazer, of SEXY BEAST and BIRTH, is currently debuting his latest across film festivals. In line with his previous, UNDER THE SKIN looks something eerie, atmospheric and captivating.

The Guardian premiered this first teaser for UNDER THE SKIN, a film that sees Scarlett Johansson essay an alien who’s taken on a striking form and tours Scotland for male victims. First reviews from Telluride have pointed to an ambiguous, unsettling work and this footage has no problem backing that up. UNDER THE SKIN’s next stop is the Toronto International Film Festival, which gets underway September 5-15. Our Chris Alexander and Kier-La Janisse will be on hand and I can’t wait to see them weigh in.

Find the full synopsis below, and head to The Guardian to see the trailer.

On Scotland’s lonely back roads, a beautiful woman (Scarlett Johansson) stalks unwitting men. Her identity and her motives unclear, she is simply, and quite literally, a sexual threat. Her eyes deadened but alert, she prowls night streets and deserted locales in a white van, seeking male victims. More could be said about the plot, but it’s best to allow Under the Skin to reveal itself. From its arresting first image — a pure, white pinpoint of light — it expands outward to become an increasingly absorbing mystery. It’s also a Rorschach test for everything one might fear about relations between men and women.

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