Teaser invites you to “MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16: PART 2”

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Last year, MTV took a stab at the slasher genre with MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 (pictured), and enough viewers apparently attended that a sequel is coming next month, once again directed by THE SIGNAL’s Jacob Gentry. Jump past the jump for a look at a teaser trailer.

MTV.com, of course, debuted the preview. MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16: PART 2 picks up the story of Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight), daughter of a madman who committed gruesome murders at a Rollerdome and returned for more mayhem years later when the place was reopened for a rich teen’s 16th birthday party. Co-stars Chris Zylka, Matt Angel and Julianna Guill also return, as do scripters Jed Elinoff and Scott Alan Thomas; new to the ensemble are THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’s Kirsten Prout, Stella Maeve, Myndy Crist and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Robert Pralgo. MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16: PART 2 premieres Wednesday, October 22 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. Central.


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