The brand new Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers & FANGORIA Present “SQUIRM” w/Jeff Lieberman!


New York is a fantastic place for both movie lovers and movie houses. It just got better. The storied Alamo Drafthouse, a small operation that’s grown into a shining example of how larger cinemas could and should do things has opened its first New York-area theater. Excitingly, and almost weirdly, it’s in Yonkers. Just above The Bronx, on 2548 Central Ave, the brand new Alamo Drafthouse has seen its grand opening and is ready to reveal a place where first run features and specially curated repertory programming converge into a world of big screen bliss.

What’s great is that as the Alamo Drafthouse continues to expand, founder Tim League and co. hold tight onto roots in weird cinema, genre programming, DIY attitude and local talent (local breweries, as well). Thusly, one of the first very special events at the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers finds the theater and co-presenter FANGORIA celebrating independent horror and Westchester County talent with a 35mm presentation of Jeff Lieberman’s killer worms extravaganza SQUIRM, with the director in attendance! Lieberman, who remains a NY boy, tells Fango, “I was living in Westchester back in July 1976 when SQUIRM first hit theaters in the area, so I excitedly scrambled from theater to theater to check out the audiences and their reactions. One of those theaters was in Yonkers, so to think that 37 years later the movie will be playing at the new Yonkers Drafthouse in 35mm is mind boggling!”

As if seeing a lovely print of what Lieberman was able to accomplish on a modest budget with all those worms wasn’t enough, it will of course be a Drafthouse-specific event. League will be on hand for the night, and something in the vein of a very exciting, worm-centric dessert is currently being concocted for those who dare attend. That’s in addition to words from Lieberman, a warm, funny presence whose tales of indie production are always a pleasure to hear.

If you’ve never experienced SQUIRM, this is the perfect chance to do so. Here, esteemed programmer and Alamo team member Zack Carlson (who curates our own rep titles on the Fango folder On Demand) writes:

Remember that fateful night in 1975 when an electrical storm caused 100,000 shrieking bloodworms to go on a carnivorous rampage through a small Southern town? Me neither.

But according to this fondly remembered drive-in epic, it actually happened. Paranoia-milking horror-spinner Jeff Lieberman legendarily nauseated audiences worldwide with this descent into the darkest heart of invertebrate wrath.

An unstoppable tidal wave of wee, flesh-devouring slimers lay waste to the denizens of humble Fly Creek, their only hope a sniveling big city nerd who’d just as soon head for the highway. And the worms aren’t his only problem once he inadvertently pisses off the local hayseed contingent: “Now YOU gonna be da wormface!”

This back alley favorite is just jam-packed with skin-razing terror and hillbilly homicide, yet inexplicably rated PG. I mean, what’s a movie gotta do to get a goddamn R around this dump?

SQUIRM happens to you on Saturday, August 17 at 10 p.m. Tickets are $12 and you can purchase in advance (and pick your seats!) right here. For more Alamo excitement, head to the official Yonkers site, and keep an eye out for wonderful August events like the Cornetto Trilogy marathon, and a WORLD’S END-centric celebration of English drinking and pub life, which includes a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s late phase masterpiece, FRENZY! Expect much more on the Fango x Alamo front, as well!

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