The Characters Within “THE EVIL WITHIN 2”, Full Details (Exclusive)


For those unfamiliar, THE EVIL WITHIN was unleashed in October 2014 by Bethesda Softworks and received glowing reviews from those who dare to face it. With the striking success of its first release, Tango Gameworks worked relentlessly over the past three years developing more mind-melting chapters to beat. Tomorrow, players will finally be able get their claws on THE EVIL WITHIN 2 – it’s sure to satisfy any dark, horror-loving soul.

To hold you over until tomorrow, we have an exclusive look at the characters within!

Check out the photos and details below:

Sebastian Castellanos is a former police detective who is wrestling with depression and the ghosts of his past. He’s a loving father with a strong family attachment, who finds himself all alone when his wife leaves him after the tragic death of their five-year-old daughter, Lily. Now disillusioned and tormented by the horrors of his past, he has turned to alcohol to numb his pain and grief.

When Sebastian learns his daughter Lily is alive, he’s prepared to do anything to find her. As a result, the Sebastian we see in The Evil Within 2 is dramatically different than the Sebastian we met in the first game. He’s no longer a man trapped inside another person’s nightmare, but rather a father determined to face the very worst creatures to rescue his daughter, who represents his sole reason to live. Sebastian descends into STEM once again – this time fully aware of the horrors that await him – for the most important case of his life.

Time is of the essence for Sebastian; this new STEM world is built using Lily’s mind as the Core, and she has gone missing within the system. Without a stable Core, the world is falling apart, and he must find her before the world crumbles completely, trapping them both forever.

Sebastian isn’t alone in this nightmare. During his exploration of Union, he will run into Mobius agents who were sent in before him and may or may not become his allies as he fights to save his daughter.

These Mobius agents may lead or mislead him on his path to redemption. Despite his reluctance, he’ll have to work with them to access side quests and new areas that are essential to his progress, and the agents may also fight alongside him at various times within STEM. These agents can also offer precious information on the events leading up to the creation of Union and its current descent into hell.

Mobius, the mysterious organization behind STEM, have their own agenda. What this agenda is, as well as the true purpose of STEM, is not clear. What is clear is that they are not to be trusted. But in a nightmare world full of monsters, Sebastian may have little choice.

The monsters that stalk, haunt and hunt Sebastian may soon be the least of his worries. Twisted and powerful forces are attempting to take control of Union, and with the ability to warp the world around them, they’ll make sure Sebastian has to keep his eyes peeled.

Will you face THE EVIL WITHIN 2? We’ll have more coverage on the eerie game soon…stay tuned!

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