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Hardcore horror fans know that HG Lewis’ 1963 indie BLOOD FEAST is, in essence, the first “splatter” film. The story follows an Egyptian caterer who kills women for body parts to create a feast for the goddess Ishtar. With a tiny budget of $24k and a truly imaginative publicity stunt (handing out barf bags at screenings), BLOOD FEAST was the little film that could. Jump to the present day and director Marcel Walz is fulfilling his dream of re-envisioning the story in the impending remake, blessed by Lewis and starring THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2’s Caroline Williams and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2’s Robert Rusler and featuring FX by GOREZONE #34’s coverboy Ryan Nicholson.

Cast as the goddess Ishtar, however, is real-life goddess Sadie Katz, who turned heads with her sultry villainous performance in the surprisingly good WRONG TURN 6: LAST RESORT. FANGORIA had the pleasure of discussing the film with Katz as well as stepping into the role of HG Lewis’ gruesome goddess…

FANGORIA: Were you a fan of the original BLOOD FEAST?

SADIE KATZ: I was familiar with the film but I didn’t know all the details. I enjoy the idea that it’s a classic—the original splatter film. I started to get really into it during the casting process. I got really into the camp of the film; for example, how they gave out barf bags at the theatre. It seems like Marcel Walz has really tapped into that. He is super passionate about [BLOOD FEAST]. This is like his life dream and he has been working on it for quite a while. Now I’m a super fan of the film!

FANGORIA: What can you tell us about your role in BLOOD FEAST?

KATZ: I play the goddess ISHTAR, which is pretty intimidating if you think about it! It’s funny ’cause I have told a lot of people about the role and I say, “She is the goddess of war, love and sex,” and they say “Well, that describes you perfectly.” So that’s kinda cool. Between the original script and the one we have now… well… I don’t want to give away any changes. It’s the same idea. I come in a vision that becomes more and more real, and I am always propelling the action and getting him to give more and more. I’m hungry and angry.

I think, in some ways, it’s a really great thing because it’s another really dominant role in a horror film, much like Sally was in WRONG TURN. I get to basically work the same sort of idea as instigator of the naughty behavior… motivating this cannibalistic behavior. What’s so different about this [BLOOD FEAST] is that there is this otherworldly aspect to it. Sally was a real person [in the original] and this one is a really fantastical creature who appears as some sort of angel to him, which is going to be the challenge, that is, being the angel of light who’s really not all that she is cracked up to be.


FANGORIA: What can we expect from this remake?

KATZ: Marcel’s idea is to keep that camp of the storyline but we also have special effects now, so that we can really give more to the bloody side of things. In the original, they didn’t have the makeup and the technology at their fingertips to make it look really real. Now we can tweak it in that way and still pay homage to the original. Having the ability to make it look authentic and real is going to be something really fun about it.

FANGORIA: What else are you working on at the moment?

KATZ: I don’t know how receptive you guys are to this kind of thing but it’s something that I thought was going to be small but I had so much fun working on it. It’s for Lifetime, and it’s a 1-hour-special season finale of MY HAUNTED HOUSE, which is the number 1 show on Lifetime. It’s the coolest show; It’s a re-enactment show. It’s a haunting show, and this one is based off the haunting of Deanna Simpson. It has been documented that she had ghosts in her house with her husband.

I had so much fun on it and it reminded me a lot of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE.  It’s heavily scripted with 35 pages of dialogue, and its really fun. The director, Patrick DeLuca, is great and the DP was amazing. Then there is also STATE OF DESOLATION, which is a zombie, post-apocalyptic story that has Jamie Bernadette in it and Craig Stark who just did Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT. He is an amazing actor and, again, I play evil in this. I love playing these really naughty characters.

Keep checking back for more news on the BLOOD FEAST remake as we get it!

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