The Dreadful Ten: 10 Horror Projects To Look Out For in 2017!


Any stress this writer has been feeling towards 2017 has been countered by just how glorious next year will be for horror films. I don’t just say that because remakes and new installments of some of my favorite films are being released, but rather the intensity levels of these new films. What has me hyped is the intensity level the new films seem infused with. From style to execution, whether the piece is a reboot or original, these films seem to be operating at the highest level frequencies of madness and grotesquery.

The horror films of 2017 seem to be pulsating with high energy depravity, a rabid and unchained pack headed right for us, and each film is looking like an outrageous amount of fun. So gift yourself tickets and expect insanity of epic proportions as 2017 transforms your local movie theaters into houses of horror with the following films…


10. SAW: LEGACY (October 2017)

I’m not sure what it is about Jigsaw and his endless shenanigans that I can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s the fact that Jigsaw, a.k.a. John Kramer, was likable before the bleak events that so drastically warped his moral compass. Maybe it’s just the straightforward and honest offering of a squirm inducing gore-fest that’s too tempting to pass up. Either way, I’m personally not sorry at all to see the eighth- yes, eighth- installment of this franchise beginning to take shape.


9. THE BYE BYE MAN (1/13/2017)

THE BYE BYE MAN is the first testament on this list to how rich in supernatural horror 2017 is going to be. The Bye Bye Man as a figure is reminiscent of Bloody Mary, in that the speaking aloud of either name is all it takes to draw an evil spirit towards you. In the case of the Bye Bye Man, the situation is even more extreme, because merely thinking his name invites his oppressive presence into the victim’s life.


8. STEPHEN KING’S IT (9/8/2017)

Because I was never able to really get into the original film, I’m beyond excited for the reimagining of STEPHEN KING’S IT. Pennywise, that beloved clown, will supposedly be portrayed as a younger entity in this film, closer in age to the children he preys upon. I can’t wait to see the new interpretation of the most iconic clown in horror films, especially because the film comes to us from Andres Muschietti, who directed the Guillermo Del Toro-produced MAMA.



No details have actually been released regarding the seventh season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, besides the fact that there will indeed be another season. But if I had to pick one piece on this list that is guaranteed to be brilliant, AHS would be one of my top choices. While certain seasons are my favorites, I credit all of them with being astoundingly creative and wonderfully, gruesomely wicked. The show is never predictable and never fails to submerge viewers in the murkiest depths of its nightmarish themes.


6. GET OUT (2/24/2017)

A very inventive take on the fear of meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents is presented in GET OUT. In the film, Chris is concerned with how the parents of his white girlfriend are going to respond to the fact that he’s black. From the trailer, it looks like the scenario he’s met with in the wealthy suburbs is far worse than he anticipated. What comes to mind is an adrenaline injected, nightmare-hybrid of THE STEPFORD WIVES, THE COLLECTOR, and THE CELL. The film looks both wildly refreshing from a standpoint of originality and genuinely frightening.


5. RINGS (2/3/2017)

Samara is the one horror villain who resonates a little too deeply with me, so I was literally torn between joy and panic when I first saw the trailer for RINGS. I thought I’d never have to sit through another horrifying hour and some odd minutes of Samara lurching after her poor, poor victims again. But she’s back, and I’ll be the first to admit how impressive it is for a character to evoke such strong emotion in any viewer. The storyline also admittedly looks fascinating, with Samara scheming to rejoin the living at what looks like the cost of the main character’s existence.


4. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 (10/20/2017)

While it’s tragic I’ll have to wait ten more months for it, I’m thrilled that there will be a fourth installment to one of my absolute favorite movie franchises. INSIDIOUS portrayed ghosts and the after life in a completely new way, infusing the entities with a malicious playfulness and unnerving ethereality I’d never seen before. The first film seemed to capture the very essence of the haunted house, with its evilly intriguing spirits and fog enshrouded other-realms. Because the next two films stayed loyal to that vision, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of CHAPTER 4, especially because it will be written by Leigh Whannell, produced by Jason Blum, and led on screen by Lin Shaye, returning as the poised and crafty Elise Rainier.



Finally, another invitation has been extended to us. It’s time to return to the Amityville house. This time, our hosts will be a new family, headed by single mother Joan, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. In AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, Joan moves her family, including her comatose son, into the house where unspeakable murders have transpired. The film’s effects look joltingly creepy, which isn’t surprising considering this reboot comes from producer Jason Blum. Blum may have already cost you some sleepless nights with his films INSIDIOUS, SINISTER, and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. With Blum producing and Jennifer Jason Leigh of Tarantino’s HATEFUL EIGHT on the forefront of the project, I’m feeling that AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING can’t come quickly enough.


2. ANNABELLE 2 (8/11/2017)

Mirando Otto’s performance as Eowyn from THE LORD OF THE RINGS really stuck with me, so I’m excited to see her in the cast of the new ANNABELLE installment. This film is veers away from Mia and John Form from the first film, focusing on completely new characters. And instead of the city, we’ll find ourselves trapped in the cringeworthy new setting of an isolated farmhouse that houses the Annabelle doll. What this ANNABELLE film is keeping, and seemingly taking an even deeper dive into than the first movie, is the theme of demonic possession. So if the first ANNABELLE film didn’t inspire you to make a bonfire out of everything even remotely doll-like in your house, this one should do the trick.


1. ALIEN: COVENANT (5/19/2017)

Ridley Scott is back at it, with the unleashing of ALIEN: COVENANT scheduled for May. I normally wouldn’t rank a horror film of the sci-fi sub-genre above those of the supernatural variety, but the prequel to ALIEN: COVENANT is of course PROMETHEUS. PROMETHEUS single handedly redefined the word haunting for me, providing passage to a world as visually entrancing as it was disturbing and vile. The eloquence with which everything in PROMETHEUS was executed, from the acting to the brilliant unfolding of the plot, made the alien shock scenes all the more horrific. It was such a cunningly intelligent film that it’s almost nerve wracking to speculate what Scott is going to expose us to this time. Internet rumors have it that ALIEN: COVENANT is a mass explosion of grotesquerie, brimming with violence rooted in the savagely parasitic creatures we were first introduced to in the 1979 ALIEN. So while it’s normally the ghost stories whose arrival I impatiently await, this year ALIEN: COVENANT is the film I can’t stop thinking about.

And now, here are some honorable mentions that unfortunately didn’t make the cut…


CLOVERFIELD 3 (a/k/a GOD PARTICLE) (8/27/2017)


FRIDAY THE 13TH (10/13/17)

PATIENT ZERO (2/17/2017)

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