It’s hard to keep up with Buffalo-based lunatic, Greg Lamberson. Writer. Director. Producer. Author. Film Festival director. Father. The man is prolific (see FANGORIA #316 for our extensive feature), tireless and attacks all his interests with vigor. He’s also a great storyteller as well as a fine mythmaker, and his latest novel, THE FRENZY WOLVES, is yet another solid chapter in his vibrant, eccentric body of work.

The book is the third and, according to the author, last installment in his FRENZY cycle, whose previous entries included THE FRENZY WAR and THE FRENZY WAY. Only someone like Lamberson could link werewolves to terrorism to cop thriller pulp to Spanish Inquisition nods, while making it all seem both deadly serious and perfectly palatable. That’s what his FRENZY series is all about. In WOLVES, our hero, NYPD Captain Tony Mace, is being lauded for bringing down a terrorist cell dubbed ‘The Brotherhood of Torquemada.’ Mace plays along, but secretly knows the truth: the Brotherhood are/were a clandestine sect of extremist monster hunters out to decimate every werewolf alive!

In another novel, such a sect would be deemed heroic, but not here; Mace knows the wolves and sympathizes with them. By and large, they are simply another relatively peaceful species looking to co-exist on the same troubled planet that houses us all. But like every species, race or group, there are always a few bad apples that spoil the basket. Previous FRENZY arcs traced the rogue serial killing werewolf named ‘the Full Moon killer,’ and when said murderer escapes, Mace has to once more track him, all the while getting in the middle of a brutal feud between benevolent Werewolf leader Gabriel and his human-hating brother, Raphael.

“Frenzy” is the operative word in these books, as Lamberson writes with a rough pen, hammering out the monster mash action (vaguely quoting the UNDERWORLD films and WOLFEN) and slamming it up against hard-boiled no-bullshit SERPICO-styled cop thriller melodrama. And it works. Lamberson – a noted exploitation filmmaker whose works include the SLIME CITY films – ain’t no fool and is clearly writing these books with the intent of flipping them into cinema. His wordplay reads often like a screenplay, detailed and visual. We’d welcome such a genre-bending film or franchise, especially considering the dearth of werewolf movies being made.

THE FRENZY WOLVES will be out this Fall from Medallion Press and by the time it drops, Lamberson will have accomplished more than most artists do in a decade. Sure, it’s about quantity with the man but thankfully, quality is always riding shotgun.

For more on THE FRENZY WOLVES, visit www.medallionmediagroup.com.


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