“THE GIANT SPIDER” crawls onto disc


Minnesota-based filmmaker Christopher Mihm has unleashed THE GIANT SPIDER as his latest homage to the creature features of yore. Read on for the details and to see the trailer.

GIANTSPIDERDISCNEWSWriter/director/editor Mihm, whose previous movies include THE MONSTER OF PHANTOM LAKE, ATTACK OF THE MOON ZOMBIES and last year’s HOUSE OF GHOSTS, has released GIANT SPIDER on DVD, Blu-ray and a combo pack via his Saint Euphoria Pictures. The story concerns a humongous tarantula created by atomic weapons-testing fallout that goes on a rampage, opposed by a trio of scientists (Mike Cook, Billie Jo Konze and James Norgard), an Army general (Mark Haider), and a newspaper reporter (Daniel R. Sjerven) and his fiancée (Shannon McDonough). The Blu-ray is movie-only, while the DVD includes:

• Audio commentary by Mihm

• Audio commentary by Mihm, actress/producer Stephanie Mihm, actor/creature FX creator Mitch Gonzales and actors/executive producers Haider and Cherie “Rhuby” Gallinati

• Film introductions by Dr. Ivan Cryptosis and Mihm

• Five episodes of “Commander Lambent: Space Explorer…In Space!”

• Blooper reel

• Photo gallery

• Trailer

• Previews

You can order either disc, or a combo pack of the two, plus all of Mihm’s other movies (with free shipping between now and Father’s Day, June 16) and assorted merchandise at the Saint Euphoria website. Mihm’s Facebook page can be found here, and you can watch the GIANT SPIDER trailer below.

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