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“THE HORDE VOL. 2” Mixtape Out Now Via FANGORIA Musick!


With 2016 nearing its close, FANGORIA Musick offers up one last release before the year’s end. It has been an exciting year for Musick with several great releases, including the recent DRACULA release with Tony Todd playing the titular role.

Our record label has been hard at work helping independent horror musicians find a home for their macabre sounds and projects. It was in July of this year that THE HORDE MIXTAPE debuted, offering a new way to be heard amongst several other artists and producers of the horror genre, all on one album. After THE HORDE MIXTAPE’s successful release, FANGORIA Musick gathered up another group of sinister artists and have brought you the next volume of the creepy compilation.

Check out the lurid track list for THE HORDE VOL. 2:

  1. KARDIAC – Burial Renovations
  2. Lapses – Don’t Go in the Lake
  3. Camp Blood – Kill Your Friends
  4. Capitolo Sette – Blood-soaked Interior of a Gray Cutlass Supreme
  5. Tommy Creep – They Came From the Ground
  6. Demonic Swagger – Gloomy Day
  7. FacexHugger – She Was So Pretty
  8. DOWD – Help Me
  9. Capitolo Sette – Video Horror Section
  10. The Laughing End – Undead Melody
  11. Lords of October – Graveyard Stomp
  12. The Night Keep – Darkness Anomaly
  13. KARDIAC – Estranged
  14. DarrenTy – War of the Worlds

You can pick up THE HORDE VOLUME 2 digitally via the FANGORIA Store HERE. Physical copies are available at the Musick Store HERE. Stay tuned right here at FANGORIA.com for more FANGORIA Musick updates and releases!

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