“THE KILLING OF JACOB MARR”: Update, new photos, screening info

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We’ve been closely following the progress of indie filmmaker Brad Rego’s fright feature THE KILLING OF JACOB MARR (see our last item here), and now the movie’s finished and ready to be unveiled. Rego gave us some fresh thoughts on the movie, along with a couple of new exclusive pics and info about its first sneak preview.

THE KILLING OF JACOB MARR is about a group of vacationers who make the mistake of staying in a cabin where the murderous title character is lurking, 20 years after the horrible deaths of his parents. “I was really happy with the time and effort everybody put in to make it all come together,” he tells Fango, “and I’m very excited about the way the movie turned out. One of the things we tried to accomplish was to focus more on the tension and atmosphere instead of just the hack-and-slash element. So in general, it’s a slower-moving film by design, but we wanted something that was just as entertaining when there isn’t a ton of blood on the screen as when there is—to have characters that the audience will care for and want to follow around for an hour and 47 minutes.

“That’s the type of horror movie I love,” he continues, “and we really wanted to make sure this one translated to the screen that way. I mean, it’s tough for me to tell now, as I’ve seen the movie hundreds of times, but I really feel everyone did a great job in bringing that element out. I believe it has a good feel to it, and there are definitely some tense moments. Hopefully, audiences will feel the same way. That’s what makes a sneak preview in New York City so exciting.”

That screening takes place Friday, October 1 at 8 p.m. at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Avenue), with a Q&A to follow. While it’s mostly intended for cast, crew and their families and friends, a small number of tickets are being made available to the general public. They can be purchased on-line for $7 at the movie’s official website, where you can also find info on follow-up showings in Oneonta, NY, Jacksonville, FL and at Austin, TX’s Alamo Drafthouse. “The exciting part,” Rego says, “is this will be the first time an audience bigger then a festival screening room will get to see the film. There’s nothing like experiencing a horror movie in a theater, and as a director, I love having the ability to truly view all of our hard work anew through the audience’s eyes. That’s something that can’t happen with DVD or on-line.” Have a look at the trailer (with a bit of non-work-safe language) below, and see THE KILLING OF JACOB MARR’s Facebook page here.

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