The “LIZARDMAN” is coming! Exclusive DVD art, pics


Old-fashioned creature-feature standards are alive and well in LIZARDMAN, an indie homage that’s coming to DVD and digital early next summer, but we’ve got the details, a first look at the cover art and a couple of exclusive photos now.

Camp Motion Pictures let Fango know that LIZARDMAN will arrive May 13 in both media. The directorial debut of Peter Dang, a production designer on numerous Fred Olen Ray projects and other genre features, LIZARDMAN stars Michael Harding, James Lewis, Mike Gaglio, Tammy Klein, Frankie Cullen, Dylan Vox and Peter Stickles, with Matt Easton in the title role. The synopsis: “Haunted by a terrifying incident in his past, billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by capturing his nemesis—the scaly crypto-creature known as the Lizardman. Enlisting a team of mercenaries and a television personality, Bill sets out to prove to the world that the Lizardman really exists. But when the creature breaks loose at a press conference, all plans are off as the bloodthirsty monster wreaks havoc on the city of Los Angeles.”

The DVD will include a 16×9-enhanced transfer and a trailer vault, and retail for $19.98. Have a look at a LIZARDMAN teaser trailer below the photos.




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