The new “CROW” cast


Luke Evans, of this Friday’s NO ONE LIVES, will be the latest actor to don the makeup so many teens have since 1994.

After Alex Proyas’ Brandon Lee-starring adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic, a series of declining-in-quality sequels (although CITY OF ANGELS is kind of nutso) and a TV series, the long threatened and possibly wholly irrelevant recharge to THE CROW is about to get going. Bradley Cooper and Tom Hiddleston were both rumored, but Deadline is reporting Luke Evans (THE RAVEN, funnily enough and the next two HOBBIT films, as well as the upcoming and also long in development DRACULA) is close to taking the supernatural revenge story on.

Even without making a joke, THE CROW kind of is one at this point. The title has become synonymous with Hot Topic, much like NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Melodramatically dour, the entire series failed to catch on with few outside of a cult fan base as it went on and while there’s no reason this new take can’t be good (I’d certainly like to see a new film from BEFORE THE FALL director F. Javier Gutierrez), there’s a whole lot of inclination it probably won’t be.

As Evans is cast, Latino Review posted a script review which would lead one to believe this new take is more of the same. There are detail differences (Draven is a cop, holds more specter-like powers), but it’s love lost, then makeup, then revenge. Do you have any interest in another go at THE CROW?

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