The Pumpkin Pie Show Returns to NYC this Fall with “SEASICK”


One of the absolute best bets of any New York City spooky season is the annual iteration of the visceral PUMPKIN PIE SHOW. A rousing theatrical endeavor that’s literate and frightening in its very minimalist storytelling and score, the series returns this October to Under St. Marks via sea vessel.

Headed by actor and author and sometimes Fango contributor Clay McLeod Chapman (TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE) and Hannah Cheek, this year’s PUMPKIN PIE SHOW sees Chapman, Cheek and actors Abe Goldfarb and Brian Silliman board a luxury cruise liner as an outbreak of norovirus quickly spreads through the passengers and crew.

“But before the ship can dock at the nearest port, tensions escalate amongst the frantic passengers. The foundation of civil society quickly deteriorates—dividing everyone onboard into two separate camps: those who are sick and those who aren’t. As the ship veers far off course and the number of ill passengers rises, one family must fight for their survival onboard this sun-and-blood drenched cruise into madness.”

Something like HIGH-RISE on the high seas? If you’ve not experienced PUMPKIN PIE before, you’re very much in for something special and I hope you’ll make the show a part of your many horror and Halloween-accompanying plans this fall.

THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW: SEASICK runs October 16-November 1, Thursday-Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $18 and can be found at Horse Trade Theater. [Top photo by KL Thomas]

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