“THE STRANGERS” Will Return; New Director Lined up


Considering its massive box office success and its generally universal acclaim from horror fans and critics alike, it has always been somewhat of a surprise that THE STRANGERS has never had a sequel. After all, it wasn’t like there was no interest behind the scenes, as director Bryan Bertino had often talked about the grisly places his masked murderers could go. Yet the pieces never came together, for whatever reason, until now, as The Wrap reports THE STRANGERS 2 is definitely a-go.

Now, the one sad aspect of this announcement is that, aside from a “characters by” credit, Bertino appears to be completely not involved with THE STRANGERS 2, as he’s unlisted as co-writer or producer on the project. Instead, the film will be directed by DECEPTION helmer Marcel Langenegger and written by Ben Ketai, which will see the three killers from the original now stalking a tumultuous family on vacation, trapping them in a mobile home park. The film is also reported to take place almost immediately after THE STRANGERS ended, although its unlikely that we’ll see Liv Tyler returning in final girl form.

On one hand, the absence of Bertino is definitely disappointing, as a sequel to THE STRANGERS has long been his pet project and his skills as a horror director have not waned, as evidenced by the majority of MOCKINGBIRD. But THE STRANGERS are definitely a creepy lot, and should the producers seek to keep the brutal and relentless nature of the original, perhaps THE STRANGERS 2 might be worth the wait after all.

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