The Trailer for the Bizarre “HORSEHEAD” Is a Must-See


Nightmare logic seems the order of the day in Romain Basset’s HORSEHEAD (aka FIEVRE), a sleep-centric and dream-fuelled horror story about a young woman repeatedly haunted by a figure called Horsehead and attempting to confront it with bouts of Lucid Dreaming. The resulting first trailer is an enrapturing, bizarre preview for what could become one of the (my) most anticipated horror films of the year.

Catriona MacColl (THE BEYOND) and Lilly Fleur-Pointeaux star in HORSEHEAD. In the film, “Jessica has nightmares. This leads her to study psychophisiolgy of dreams. When her grandmother dies, Jessica must return to the family house. Upon her arrival, she discovers that the body of grandmother will be placed in the adjoining room during the wake. Stuck in bed with a high fever and nightmares, Jessica decides to use her lethargic state to experience lucid dreams and thus try to take control of those nightmares. She will begin to evolve in a nightmarish and dreamish world in order to investigate and to discover the evil that haunts her and the family house.”

With imagery recalling Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” and more in that way, HORSEHEAD looks very, very neat and very out there. Find the NSFW trailer, courtesy of Reel Suspects, below. HORSEHEAD is currently screening for buyers at Cannes, and hopefully makes its way to festivals soon.

HORSEHEAD aka FIEVRE // a film by Romain Basset… by reelsuspects

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