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HIDDEN 3D, the first dimensional feature from Italy, has undergone a shakeup since it was first announced earlier this year. Among other things, DARK WATERS’ Mariano Baino, who wrote the original script with actress Coralina Cataldi Tassoni, was replaced as director by Antoine Thomas, and he has sent out a statement explaining the situation.

“Both Coralina and I [pictured below] would like to clarify a couple of things regarding our involvement with HIDDEN 3D,” Baino says. “I co-wrote the original screenplay with the amazingly talented Coralina Cataldi Tassoni. Most people know her as a wonderfully gifted actress and painter, but she is also a very talented writer. We came up with a truly unique concept and wanted to make a genuinely disturbing, multilayered movie. Unfortunately, the producers decided to go in a completely different direction and we decided to leave the project. No hard feelings. Stuff happens. Lesson learned. It was a labor of love for us, a project we spent years writing and developing. As artists, both of us care deeply about everything we get involved with, and we couldn’t bear the thought of making the movie the producers wanted to make.

“We have kept our ‘story by’ credit on HIDDEN 3D,” he continues, “because the movie is still based on our original story, but signed the screenplay with a couple of very obvious pseudonyms [Alan Smithy and Alana Smithy], because very little, if any, of our screenplay or our original intention and vision was left in the movie they are making, but that’s the extent of our association with the movie now. Anyway, the whole HIDDEN 3D experience is behind us, and Coralina and I are already on to our next, bigger and better project.”

HIDDEN 3D is about horrible goings-on in an abandoned experimental medical center, and stars Sean Clement, Simonetta Solder, Jordan Hayes, Jason Blicker, Bjanka Murgel and Devon Bostick (from LAND and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD). We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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