The UK’s FrightFest Celebrates John Carpenter with Limited Prints


FrightFest, the fantastic horror festival out of London and Glasgow is looking to not only revel in their love of genre film, but the stunning art that often coincides and the undeniable renaissance its currently having. The fest has launched FrightFest originals, a series of limited edition posters kicking off with five pieces of art for five John Carpenter favorites from five different artists and graphic designers. 

“Ian Rattray and I picked the lesser known Carpenter’s as we felt very strongly there was over-exposure to certain classics such as THE THING and HALLOWEEN,” says FrightFest Originals co-director Alex Chambers. “When Ian Rattray and I set the company up we wanted to get artist’s interpretations of the genre for completists, not just marque signings, so when Studio Canal offered the Carpenter series we jumped on it.”

The titles in the series include ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK by UK artist Nat Marsh, THEY LIVE from U.S. artist Jeremy Wheeler, PRINCE OF DARKNESS by the Wales-based Godmachine, CHRISTINE from London’s Dan Mumford and THE FOG by Brighton’s Luke Insect.

You can see all five pieces and read comments from the artists, below. The prints (only 60 available per edition) are £35 each or you can by all five for £155 plus P&P. You must allow 14 for UK & 21 days for international delivery. Each can be purchased at FrightFest Originals.

• ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK is by UK artist Nat Marsh who designed the company’s launch poster of ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’ back in Nov 2012.

Nat says: “The Duke has the best pad in the city so I chose to show one of the film’s great fight sequences against that extravagant moulding and lavish scroll work”.

• THEY LIVE is the first poster from US-based artist Jeremy Wheeler and the first printed by the fast expanding design and print company VGKids.

Jeremy says: “John Carpenter’s classic remains relevant in this crazy world of ours, where distractions from reality are greater than ever. Now this art can be a distraction all its own — or a call to arms. Whichever you see it is cool with me… just as long as it wakes you up”.

• PRINCE OF DARKNESS is by Welsh-based ‘Godmachine’ and is a six-colour interpretation of the 1987 second installment of Carpenter’s “Apocalypse Trilogy”.  Godmachine also designed the popular Bram Stoker’s Dracula for FrightFest Originals.

Godmachine says: “Prince Of Darkness has been one of my favourite films since I was a kid. As for the poster, I wanted to put in the science guy next to the religious guy, the possessed next to each other and the love interest that ends it all”.

• CHRISTINE is the FrightFest Originals debut of London-based artist Dan Mumford, whose artwork was recently used for the ‘Wicker Man’ worldwide release of the final cut on DVD.

Dan says: “It would have been easy to focus on the red Plymouth Fury for the illustration, but I wanted to draw more focus on Arnie and the transformation that he goes through. I really wanted to capture the glow and intensity of his face lit up within Christine and then below him the moment when the film hits a turning point and the real carnage begins”.

• THE FOG is by Brighton-based artist Luke Insect, and is his 4th FO poster. Others have been ‘Razorback’, ‘Hostel’ and ‘The ABC’s of Death. He also designed the promotional poster for The Dead 2: India.

Luke says: “The Fog could be my favourite John Carpenter movie, and I would argue that it’s certainly his most atmospheric. The damp air of Antonio bay creeps around you and slowly but steadily engulfs you, and that’s what I wanted to convey in my print. With an almost graphic novel approach I’ve tried to create an illustrative montage that’s as murky and ominous as the movie itself. With added glow in the dark ink!’

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