“THE WALKING DEAD” Robert Kirkman looks ahead


Now that  season three has sputtered to a conclusion, it’s already time to tease the goings-on of Rick & co. when they return this fall. Creator and series producer Robert Kirkman has done just that, both stressing “how different things are going to be,” and giving an inkling into how the Governor will proceed. 

First, an aside: I’ve been living a WALKING DEAD-free life for weeks now. After months of being unable to communicate in any reasonable, verbally coherent way why I still watch, I dropped the show from any sort of mental plan and since have not only been happier, but even managed to fortuitously tune into its season finale at the exact moment I’ve been wanting to see since season two (later, Andrea). The show, which seems to serve as compelling drama for so many (our readers here, a massive national audience and our own editor Chris Alexander, included) baffles me. At the same time, I’m one of few who find it snail-ish, laughably po-faced and tone deaf in its constant bleak environment that’s aiming for a cool wish-fulfilling post-apocalypticdom. Thus, it’s probably unfair to ignore it on my end. Going forward, with WALKING DEAD news (I doubt I’ll be recapping/reviewing season four, but maybe we can rope in Chris and have it out), I’d love if you guys chime in a little more and through both fans and non-fans, we can try and figure out why a zombie show with little progression where the zombies have little bearing has captivated North America.

Now, I’ve kept up with recaps and Twitter chatter and it seems even those who love the show were a little let down by the season’s minimal finale, which [spoiler] saw The Governor take off and Rick usher Woodbury refugees back to the prison (instead of just taking over the suburban comfort). Kirkman, talking to IGN, explains “…he’s still very much in the mix. That’s certainly not the last that we’ll see of him. When we see him again and where we see him again, that’s the big question. It’s not going to be like it was in Season 3; it’s not going to be Rick and the Governor on a collision course with a conflict between them. He’ll be used in very different ways next season.”

The writer goes on to talk up a brewing conflict with Carl’s growing darkness, as well as the drain a bigger group will take on the prison. Are you in for another season of Locked Up Apocalypse? Where would you like to see WALKING DEAD head from here? Should I give it another shot?

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