The wild new trailer for Álex de la Iglesia’s “WITCHING & BITCHING”

What’s easily one of my most anticipated films of the year now has a second, even more smile-inducing trailer. 

There’s a goofy energy to Refused’s “New Noise” that seems wholly appropriate for the goofy energy that seems on display in the latest from the amazing Álex de la Iglesia.

He looks on all cylinders here, telling the story of thieves who run afoul of a coven in the country. That country locale is Zugarramurdi (the film’s Spanish title is LAS BRUJAS DE ZUGARRAMURDI), a town in Northern Spain infamous for its proximity to the Basque Witch Trials in the 17th century. The Basque Witch Trails were one of the most extensive investigations into, and prosecutions of, witchcraft by the Spanish Inquisition, with the caves of Zuggaramurdi and their close running water believed to be where that widespread cult met.

Those “witches” and those burned for being “guilty” are now commemorated at the summer solstice each year where great fires are lit (some of this looks to be included in de la Iglesia’s film). The caves of Zugarramurdi are also something of a European Salem, hosting themed museums and such to honor the history.

[h/t Twitch]

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