Thelema and Zoltan pay tribute to “SCANNERS” and “PSYCHOMANIA” in Cineploit Exploit series


Austrian label Cineploit Records, they who bring bands and artists that live in cinematic atmosphere to wax, have announced the next two records in their Exploit series. 03 and 04 find Thelema and Zoltan paying tribute to the scores behind SCANNERS and PSYCHOMANIA, respectively.

Releasing July 29, EPHEMEROL (Thelema’s SCANNERS tribute) and PSYCHOMANIA will be limited to 350 copies each and available only on vinyl. EPHEMEROL is described as, “a tribute to the Movie and Score SCANNERS made by the genius duo of filmmaker David Cronenberg and composer Howard Shore. It is not a cover of the incredible film music, it is intended to help the listener to fall into the creepy and intense atmosphere of the film . So prepare yourself for the scanning experience.”

As for PSYCHOMANIA, “in their very special way Zoltan took several themes and melodies from the brilliant fuzzed-out score by John Cameron, and created an epic 13 minute suite of wonderful and fantastic Soundtrack Prog! As a special gimmick this will be a 12” mini-LP with one side of music and another side containing several locked grooves from the movie!”

You can find artwork above and a wonderful excerpt from EPHEMEROL at Thelema’s Bandcamp. For ordering info, head to the official Cineploit site, and for further reading, see our interview with Cineploit artist Orgasmo Sonore here.

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