There’s blood in the fountain in exclusive “ALTAR” clip


A solid cast faces supernatural peril in ALTAR, coming to DVD and digital HD next week, and one of them—Steve Oram from SIGHTSEERS, THE WORLD’S END and others—discovers a gruesome omen in an exclusive clip you can see past the jump.

Matthew Modine (pictured above), THE SIXTH SENSE’s Olivia Williams, Antonia Clarke, Richard Dillane and Adam Thomas Wright star in ALTAR, being released by Cinedigm and Great Point Media Tuesday, February 17. Nick Willing, whose credits include the hypnotism chiller CLOSE YOUR EYES (a.k.a. DOCTOR SLEEP), scripted and directed the film; here’s the synopsis: “ALTAR follows a family who moves into a timeworn, dilapidated country mansion in order to restore its former splendor. But in the process, they awaken the ghosts of the house’s original inhabitants, whose curse still looms darkly over the haunted estate. What follows is a hair-raising ordeal of spectral apparitions and demonic possession that threatens to destroy the lives of the desperate protagonists in this earthly realm and beyond.”


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