TIFF ’14 Trailer: A Tale of Monstrous Love in “SPRING”

One of the more highly anticipated titles of the currently running Toronto International Film Festival is SPRING, the second feature from RESOLUTION filmmakers Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead. In anticipation of the film’s September 5th World Premiere, see the first trailer (from Deadline) for this tale of exotic, monstrous love.

Where their acclaimed debut was bursting with ideas, but largely contained, SPRING seems an altogether lusher, more open experience. Filmed on location in Italy, SPRING stars Lou Taylor Pucci as Evan. “When his ailing mother dies, Evan realizes his life isn’t going anywhere. Grabbing his last paycheque, he decides to go on the European graduation trip that he never got a chance to take. Picking a destination at random, he arrives in Italy, where he backpacks and parties with other tourists. But everything changes for Evan when he arrives in an idyllic southern town and meets the enchanting Louise (German actress Nadia Hilker). A tender romance begins to bloom between the two — but Louise harbours a dark, primordial secret that could destroy the happiness they’re just beginning to build.”

You’ll find teases and brief glimpses of that secret here. This past July, I caught an extended look at SPRING and thus an extended look at what Louise is. I can’t wait to see it in full.

For more on SPRING, including all of its public screenings at TIFF, visit its film page. Expect word on the film here at Fango, soon.

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