TIFF Exclusive: Pre-Belly Burst Shot from Mutant Musical, “BANG BANG BABY”!

You want weird? Then make sure you seek out BANG BANG BABY, Jeffrey St. Jule’s deeply, truly bizarre 1960s-set, live action cartoon/musical starring Jane Levy (the EVIL DEAD remake). 

Levy plays Stepphy, a small town girl whose dreams of fame, fortune and escape from her claustrophobic world are hampered when a toxic mist causes everyone in town—including her—to mutate into half-mad monsters. The great Peter Stormare (8MM, CONSTANTINE, DANCER IN THE DARK) also stars as her troubled, alcoholic father.

BANG BANG BABY is riddled with oddball, green-screened surrealist landscapes; arch melodramatics; dreamy, intentionally drippy musical numbers; and twisted special FX make-up designs. Really, there’s not much else like it, either at TIFF, where the film just had its world premiere or…well…anywhere.

FANGORIA has your first look at some of the more visceral shenanigans in store for poor Stepphy in the form of her very aggressive, soon to born and most certainly inhuman spawn. Yes, that’s Jane Levy’s belly. Aint it lovely?

Stay tuned to FANGORIA for more BANG BANG BABY updates as we get them and watch out for an exclusive interview with the lovely Levy in the storied pages of FANGORIA magazine! BANG BANG BABY screens Wednesday, September 10th and Friday, September 12th as part of the Discovery Programme at TIFF. For more, visit here.


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