Timo Rose shares his zombie “MEMORIEZ”


German goremeister Timo Rose, of BARRICADE, FEARMAKERS and GAME OVER among others, is back with a new undead adventure called MEMORIEZ, for which we have cast/synopsis information and a new poster.

A ScarMantic Pictures International production, MEMORIEZ boasts of employing 20 makeup and special FX people, headed up by Ryan Nicholson (the busy artist from FINAL DESTINATION, SUPERNATURAL, GHOST RIDER and many more who’s also turned filmmaker himself) and over 100 extras for its scenes of mayhem. Here’s the synopsis: “Samantha [Zara Phythian of the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame], a former martial arts champion, is one of the last survivors of a global epidemic that has transformed mankind into living zombies…Eaters. Food is scarce, water in high demand and guns a must. Following the deaths of her lover, Alex, and her friend, Laura (Brooke Bell), Sam ventures forth on her own, no one to watch her back. She encounters the wandering loner Jack (Ruben Pla of INSIDIOUS and BIG ASS SPIDER!), and they join forces. Time and again, Sam and Jack battle Eaters, each day a new struggle for survival. Exhausted, with supplies dwindling, Sam and Jack run into a group of survivors led by the mercenary-like Murtow (Anthony Straeger) and his unhinged sister, Jane (Rebecca Mueller). Murtow takes them in, concealing his hideous agenda. Sam and Jack unveil the truth and take flight. A relentless chase ensues, but caught between Eaters and Murtow’s group, there may be no escape…and all is not as it seems.”

The cast also includes Sascha Reimann, Marc Terenzi and Italian-horror fave Giovanni Lombardo Radice, a.k.a. John Morghen, from CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD/THE GATES OF HELL, CANNIBAL FEROX, THE CHURCH and others; a 2014 release is targeted. Find out more at the MEMORIEZ blog.


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