Todd Spence and Zak White’s “YOUR DATE IS HERE” horror short, FREE to stream via YouTube!


We’ve been keeping close tabs on Todd Spence and Zak White’s sinister short horror films. In September 2017, they debuted their horror short WHERE IS IT for free on YouTube. The film caused quite a stir among the community with its suspenseful story line and eerie ending. WHERE IS IT is still available to view HERE! Watch it after dark, and watch it alone.

As WHERE IS IT was causing a ripple via YouTube, behind the scenes, Todd Spence and Zak White’s next eerie creation YOUR DATE IS HERE was chewing through film festivals and leaving a bloody path. In this horror short, a mother and daughter are having a quiet night in and playing a totally innocent board game. What’s the worst that could happen?

Dig through the attic, dust off the board game, and pick your game piece. Spence, White, and crew are proud to present, in-full and for FREE, YOUR DATE IS HERE!

Be sure to support these sinister-minded indie movie makers. Keep up with Todd Spence, Zak White, and crew:

Starring Becca Flinn https://twitter.com/BeFlinn & Dani Tiernan

Written & Directed & Produced by Todd Spence https://twitter.com/Todd_Spence & Zak White https://twitter.com/TheZakW

Director of Photography Dave Jacobsen https://www.instagram.com/foxtrotimages/

Special FX Makeup Allison Bryan https://www.facebook.com/AlliBryanMak…

Makeup Kate Klein https://www.instagram.com/kateklein_mua/

Edited by Nick Gartner http://www.nickgartner.com/

Score and Original Song by David Green

Board game cover design by Tate Marshall http://www.tatemarshall.art/

Special thanks to Josh Siefer Jill Tiernan

Stay tuned here at FANGORIA.com for more of Todd Spence’s creepy creations!

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April serves as a FANGORIA Staff Member and Manager of its record label, Fangoria Musick. She also works full-time within the University of Texas system where she serves as a data specialist in Admissions and Enrollment Management. She spends her scarce downtime making music videos and short films of things from your nightmares.
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