by: Svetlana Fedotov on: 2013-02-05 16:10:14

Imagine that you’re the ugliest kid on earth. I’m not
talking about a huge forehead or a crooked nose—I mean, “God’s playing a trick
on you,” ugly. Kids make up songs in your honor and the mere sight of your face
sobers a seasoned alcoholic. Well, that’s Todd, in a nutshell; a kid so
unbelievably hideous that even a serial killer had to pass on him. This new series
from Image Comics is a hilarious black comedy about a kid with a bag on his
head and the worst luck in the world. Combining an indie vibe with a big
publisher debut, TODD, THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH is bound to be flying off the
shelves in no time.

Ken Kristensen’s comic opens with Todd, bag headed and
everything, trying to make friends with the new girl who’s just moved in next
door. While attempting a conversation with the lucky gal, he suddenly gets attacked
by the neighborhood bully—a total dick of a kid named Mike—who immediately gets
Todd in trouble with his awful mom. It is indeed a sad life for Todd; a bully,
a crappy mother, and a face so ugly it must be hidden from society. How could
it get worse? Well, he could get be targeted by a child murderer. For once
there, luck was on his side and the guy refused to kill him because he “only
kills beautiful children.” The serial killer runs off, but not before tossing
Todd some dolls that he just happened to pull off an earlier victim. It’s at
that moment that Todd’s life goes seriously downhill. Suddenly, everyone is on
the lookout for the missing dolls and one tenacious detective is determined to
track them back to the killer, even though he might catch the wrong guy.

TODD, THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH is an amazing debut for
Kristensen. Kristensen, who’s better known for as a film producer, and has made
the leap over to the comics’ world with an innate ability to keep the dialogue
fresh and witty, while not skimping on the bloody parts. M.K. Perker, also
takes a bit of a side-step from his regular art work and plays around with a
more cartoony, Sunday funnies style, that fits the series perfectly. Todd, The
Ugliest Kid on Earth has the potential to be a great addition to any horror or
crime fan’s pull, promising to deliver even more twists and turns in the form
of Neo-Nazi’s, Oprah-obsessed axe murderers, and the saddest kid you ever seen.


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