Toho To Open “GODZILLA”-Themed Movie Theater


Giant monster fans the world over will be thrilled to learn that Toho Studios, the original home of Godzilla, is bringing the infamous fire-breathing lizard to life in the form of a massive movie theater! That’s right: the theater will be complete with a 39-foot tall bust of the aforementioned kaiju bursting out of the theater’s 131 foot-high roof, complete with a terrace that will allow guests to gape in awe at the protruding head of the monster itself, according to a recent report from Telegraph.

The structure is being built upon the remains of the Shinjuku Toho Kaikan theater in Kabuki-Cho, a section of Shinjuku’s entertainment district, which shut its doors in 2008, but is now poised to be reborn as one of the highlights of the Tokyo skyline. It’s also worth noting that, at night, the head’s eyes and mouth will glow and will be accompanied by the occasional roar to be sure that patrons and general street-goers receive the full, “Dear God, a giant monster, run, run, run,” experience. And if that doesn’t encourage you to renew your passport, The Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, which located right next to the monstrosity-in-construction, has already begun offering special “Godzilla View Rooms” at 15,000 yen (US $125) for those checking in after April 24th, which allows guests to wake up and start their morning right by getting a glimpse of the King of Monsters lurking right outside their window.

Set to open this April, the announcement is no doubt an ambitious tie-in for the upcoming Toho-produced Godzilla feature to be released next year. Until we get to see him stomp and rage through cities on the silver screen, this should give fans their man-made monster fix and will allow for a movie-going experience unlike any in the world.

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