Tons of giveaways at FREE Fango “STITCHES” screening in NYC this Monday!

No foolin’, Fango will host a free screening of the delightfully gruesome horror comedy STITCHES this Monday, April 1 at 7 p.m. Plus, we will be giving away free STITCHES T-shirts, clown noses and posters, plus anyone dressed as a Bozo wannabe will get VIP seating!

This special showing will be held at New York City’s Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, off University Place). Popular British standup comedian Ross Noble stars as a murderous kids’ birthday party clown in STITCHES, which was written and directed by Conor McMahon (helmer of THE DISTURBED and Fango Video’s DEAD MEAT).

The Fango screening of STITCHES will be a free show; to obtain tickets, send an e-mail to fangoriascreening@gmail.com. You must list “STITCHES” as your subject line and provide us your full name. Offer is good for you and one guest. Names will be checked at the door. Offer is first come, first served, and we will confirm your rsvp. Seating is not guaranteed, however. This advance preview is presented by our pals at Dark Sky Films, who release STITCHES on disc, VOD and digital download April 2.

Years after a cruel kids’ prank during a birthday party for 8-year-old Tommy (Tommy Knight of DOCTOR WHO) left hired clown Richard “Stitches” Grindle (Noble) dead on the kitchen floor, the childhood friends gather to plan a birthday bash to end all bashes. But they haven’t counted on the degenerate jester rising from the grave to seek vengeance on the children who mocked him and caused his grisly, untimely end. Now Tommy and his teenage buddies are on the run from an undead jokester who’s ready to use every trick in the book (and many that aren’t) to exact his nasty revenge…

STITCHES won the Best Death Scene prize at London’s Fright Fest last summer and also played the Sitges, Telluride and Brussels film festivals. Reviewing STITCHES, Dread Central praised the movie for its “over-the-top ludicrous … the fun factor blows right off the scale,” and SFX’s Natasha Hodgson called the film “a must for those who appreciate imaginative gore-mongering, with scene after scene of brain-scooping, lung-exploding, eye-javelining brilliance.” Rosie Fletcher of TOTAL FILM called STITCHES “a Halloween crowd-pleaser,” and Anton Bitel of LITTLE WHITE LIES summed up the film thusly: “It is for the over-the-top inventiveness of its latex gore effects that STITCHES is most memorable.” You can see the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsvuQVo6uxI

So for this coming April’s Fool’s Day, make no joke about it and come see STITCHES in NYC! It’s gonna be a scream!

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