Toronto! FANGORIA and Suspect Video Team for HORROR-RAMA Convention!


FANGORIA is excited to be co-sponsoring HORROR-RAMA, a new two-day fan event happening in Toronto, Canada on November 1st and November 2nd, 2014. The brainchild of Fango Editor Chris Alexander and Toronto cult cinema institution SUSPECT VIDEO (owned and operated by Luis Ceriz), HORROR-RAMA is niche convention, bringing together legends of horror cinema and dark pop culture for an intimate and interactive couple of days in the heart of the city.

The guest of honor will be iconic actress Barbara Steele, the lady whose cruel beauty put Mario Bava on the map in his Italian horror masterpiece BLACK SUNDAY, and who danced for Federico Fellini in his brilliant, existential farce 8 ½. Steele of course, is widely recognized as the Queen of Golden Age Italian horror, having starred in numerous Gothic Euro-creepers such as NIGHTMARE CASTLE and THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH, but she also added elegance and menace to Roger Corman’s Richard Matheson-penned classic THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM as well as Joe Dante’s PIRANHA and she’s also won awards for her work as a producer on Dan Curtis’ WAR AND REMEMBRANCE. Today, Steele is making a comeback starring in the indie thriller THE BUTTERFLY ROOM and Ryan Gosling’s berserk, Lynchian directorial debut LOST RIVER.

On the other side of the spectrum, HORROR-RAMA is also excited to bring Canadian born “Shock Rock” hero Nivek Ogre to Toronto. Ogre (as he is known to fans) pioneered a subgenre of confrontational electronic music labeled “Industrial” with his landmark band SKINNY PUPPY. Stripping down, bleeding (real and stage grue flows freely at their shows), screeching mind-bending stream-of-consciousness lyrics and incorporating an abiding love for freakish horror movies and famous monsters into his stage show, Ogre—along with co-founder cEVIN key—have been making SKINNY PUPPY a force of innovative musical malevolence for over 30 years. Now, the performance artist has parlayed his presence into that of actor. Ogre has appeared in several cult films including Darren Lynn Bousman’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, indie slasher SCREAM PARK and Alexander’s own upcoming low-budget fever dream QUEEN OF BLOOD.

Joining Steele and Ogre will be a slew of exciting guests from around the world as well as members of the Canadian and US FANGORIA team, including managing editor Michael Gingold. More guests to be announced…

From the editor:

“This is the first Toronto, FANGORIA sponsored convention event since the 1990s and is the first of its kind for the 25 year-old SUSPECT VIDEO imprint, ever. Luis came up with the idea to do a unique and contained event in our city exclusively for our fans and fans of dark fantasy and horror film culture. Together, we are building something special.”

More details will be revealed about HORROR-RAMA over the next several weeks, so stay tuned and be sure to visit Horror-Rama,  and the HORROR-RAMA Facebook page for even more details.

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