Toronto! Horror Punk Bands Rip Open The New Year, FANGO Style!


If you’re in or around the Toronto area this New Years Eve and are looking to rattle your spine and blow your mind, get thee to The Cage (292 College St.) and damage yourself in style as FANGORIA co-presents a monstrous, moshing bash featuring some of the city’s wildest, weirdest and LOUDEST horror rock, performance art and electropunk bands.

There will be drink specials. And Cheap beer. And FANGO prizes. And nudity. And cover is only $15!

Bands appearing on the blistering bill are:


“CORPUSSE has been making Toronto uncomfortable and slightly aroused for decades now. He will give you dreams and nightmares, and under his spell, you will laugh, cry and hurl. Intimate, terrifying, tender and truly unique, CORPUSSE is a Toronto original. He WILL make you rock.”


“Did you know these bastards have been around for 31 years and that Steve is the fucking King of Toronto? Well now you know. They don’t make punk rock like this anymore. It’s the ’80s on steroids. The purest, dirtiest, most authentic punk rock, alive or dead.”


“Electro-fucking-punk. We weren’t sure if it’d be met with open arms or boots to our skulls, but lo, we exist, a shit-fuck ton of tours and albums later, foaming at the mouth with a throat-ripping new frontwoman who will chew you up and spit you out.”


“What do you get when you cross a 6’8 Colossus with shit to say and a bunch of killer musicians to back him up? You get ODS. A TEXAS CHAINSAW assault to your ears, eyes and sometimes… nose.”


“From Japan with love, mere words can’t describe Satoshi. It’s as if TETSUO: THE IRON MAN took over the bodies of a glam metal band and is making an erotic appeal for your very soul. He will rape you with fish, doll parts, Godzilla, dismembered limbs and bullets, and and you will like it.”

To learn more, check out the official Facebook event page here.

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