TORONTO: “THAT GUY DICK MILLER” kicks off exclusive engagement; Dick Miller to attend.


Indiecan Entertainment Canada just announced that Elijah Drenner’s celebrated documentaryTHAT GUY DICK MILLER will open on March 27th at Toronto’s Carlton Cinemas.  The legendary Dick Miller, he of so many remarkable Roger Corman and Joe Dante classics, will be in attendance for select opening weekend screenings of the documentary,  with special added screenings of classics LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and A BUCKET OF BLOOD. 

FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander will host the opening night screening and moderate an audience-friendly Q&A. The film will expand to additional markets across Canada in the weeks following.

For the unfamiliar, THAT GUY DICK MILLER is a funny, candid, and upbeat look at Dick’s career which spans 6 decades with more than 175 motion pictures, 4 television series and over 2000 television appearances. In this unprecedented documentary, we follow Dick from his first big roles in BUCKET OF BLOOD and THE TERROR on to GREMLINS 1 & 2, NEW YORK NEW YORK, THE TERMINATOR, DEMON KNIGHT, the FAME TV series and even his latest roles, including CUTAWAYS and Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX.

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