Toronto! Win tickets to Drafthouse faves “WAKE IN FRIGHT” and “MIAMI CONNECTION”


FANGORIA and FILMSWELIKE want to send a slew of you out to the TIFF Bell Lightbox to see a pair of cult films; one, a bona fide masterpiece, the other…well…whatever it is, it’s awesome.

We have 10 double admission run of engagements for Ted Kotcheff’s surreal, dusty and barbaric 1971 shock melodrama WAKE IN FRIGHT, a classic of Australian cinema, to give away. WAKE IN FRIGHT stars Gary Bond and Donald Pleasence in a brutal tale of a gentle school teacher thrust into a threatening world of violence and alcoholism with nightmarish consequences. Considered a “lost” film for many years, its 2009 restoration has put it back into the contemporary cinema lexicon and it’s a must see.

Whether or not 1987’s MIAMI CONNECTION is any good is irrelevant because there simply isn’t another film quite like it. Directed by martial arts philosopher Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, this riotous explosion of neon lights, endless Tae Kwon Do, ninjasploitation and muscular lunkhead action of every strain found its cult at the Alamo Drafthouse and its power to level an audience remains undiminished. And we have 5 double admission ROE’s to give away to you, the lucky weird cinema connoisseur…

Both, from Drafthouse Films, open in Toronto on Friday, March 29th. To win, simply email chris@fangoria.com with the title of your choice in the subject line. First come, first served.

Good luck and see you at the TIFF Bell Lightbox! And for more of FILMSWELIKE’s Drafthouse picks, head right here.

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