Toronto’s Blood in the Snow announces short film program

The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is proud to announce its lineup for its BITS Short Showcase program playing Friday November 28th at 9:30 p.m. The lineup includes premieres of seven short films of the best Canadian genre shorts to be made this year. Last year’s prime time program was a huge hit selling out and adding a second screening. 

The remaining four features and the eight short films that will open all the features will be announced November 1st at Toronto’s HORROR-RAMA convention, with presentations running November 1st and 2nd.

Early bird festival passes ($65) and select individual tickets ($11) are on sale now here. For more, visit Blood in the Snow on Facebook.

• DAMNED SELFIE  (World Premiere)

Dir. Justin McConnell

A young woman (Caleigh Le Grande) is losing patience while waiting for a meeting, but things may not be what they seem.

• MALLEUS MALEFICARUM (Toronto Premiere)

Dir. Torin Langen

A small town’s religious beliefs have pushed them back to the dark ages. Halloween has morphed into a modern-day witch-hunt, victims sold like fireworks for the public to dispose of. Thought of as a method to purge evil from society on the day it is considered most powerful, one young man has other plans. Despite trying his hardest to follow in his family’s fundamentalist footsteps, his morals are pushed to their limits and something has to give. In this tale of teen rebellion, the stakes are as high as they get. Prepare for Exodus.

• INSANE (Toronto Premiere)

Dir. Adam O’Brien

A young talented director on a location scout in the abandoned psychiatric hospital of a rural community inadvertently awakens the ghost of a tormented soul seeking retribution. Winner at Fantasia 2014 for “Best Emerging Talent”.

• THE MAKEOVER (Toronto Premiere)

Dir. Dara Jade Moats

A blood splattered horror-comedy that knows relationships can be messy. Sometimes a new coat of paint is all that’s needed to fix it.

• WOODS (Toronto Premiere)

Dir. Jon Hyatt

30 years in the future we find Richter, a well off man haunted by the loss of his wife. Worried about his health, Richter’s business firm sends a companion Android to help him transition and get well. The Android starts to realize something is not right, and that something or someone is in the woods.

• MASSACRE AT FEMUR CREEK (Toronto Premiere)

Dir. Kyle Hytonen

Set in the summer of 1984, this is a retro-inspired slasher comedy about three good friends who embark on a camping trip to the mythical Femur Creek, only to come face to face with a knife wielding maniac bent on blood shed.

• GREATER THAN (Toronto Premiere)

Dir. Darryl Shaw

Greater Than is a twisted romantic tale played to a seedy crime backdrop. It’s also horror story where love itself is the monster. As the characters fall for each other, each selfless gesture initiates disaster. Their all-consuming passion gives way to a nihilistic free fall.


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