“Do You Think Something Bad Happened?” The Trailer for Adrian Bogliano’s Excellent “HERE COMES THE DEVIL”


Bold and unsettling, Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s HERE COMES THE DEVIL has been waiting to be unleashed. It comes wrapped in adoration from both Fango editor Chris Alexander and I, and it’s most thrilling to see its trailer cover the wide spectrum of lo-fi madness that ensues in this frank, surreal picture.

The most accomplished work from the director of COLD SWEAT and PENUMBRA, HERE COMES THE DEVIL finds two parents not at all reassured when their children, thought missing, return. Plagued by strange behavior and a pervading, horrifying atmosphere, the parents begin to suspect something truly evil has infected their lives.

Featuring standout work from Laura Caro and Francisco Barreiro, HERE COMES THE DEVIL is a must-see piece of odd, off-balanced filmmaking. Our Chris Alexander’s accompanying quote of, “One of the most interesting, frightening and thoroughly alive—both intellectually and viscerally—works of horror and dread this critic has seen in a very, very long time,” is right on the money, and I can only add to expect something of a Nic Roeg in Mexico vibe.

You can see HERE COMES THE DEVIL in theaters and On Demand December 13. For its newly released green band trailer, visit iTunes. For the pushier red band trailer, see below.

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