Trailer: Bobcat Goldthwait Bigfoot tale, “WILLOW CREEK”


This year, we’re expecting two Sasquatch-related films from two very exciting filmmakers. Bigfoot enthusiast Eduardo Sanchez, of BLAIR WITCH fame, is finishing up EXISTS while WILLOW CREEK, from comedian/director Bobcat Goldthwait (SLEEPING DOGS LIE, GOD BLESS AMERICA) has already begun a festival run. The latter, gearing up for its slot in Montreal’s annual Fantasia Film Festival has premiered its first trailer, showing Goldthwait playing within found footage and glimpses of an already buzzed-about tense, 19-minute long take.

In the film, “Jim (Bryce Johnson) drags his skeptical girlfriend Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) on a trip to Willow Creek, California. The town is a mecca for Sasquatch hunters of all sorts, undoubtedly due to its proximity to the infamous Patterson-Gimlin site where a Bigfoot was allegedly sighted and filmed in 1967. Despite repeated warnings from townsfolk against camping in that remote spot, the couple decides to go anyway. Jim hopes to catch a glimpse of the storied creature and return with irrefutable video proof, but failure to heed the warnings of the townies might just mean they’ll be lucky to return at all.”

Badass Digest debuted the clip. If you’re in Montreal this summer, find more on Fantasia here.

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