Trailer: “CARVER,” A Slasher from 14 Year-old Filmmaker Emily DiPrimio

In a way, this is perfect. When do slashers appeal to horror fans most? I’d argue when we’re teens, and the often charged up, youth-oriented sensibilities of the subgenre fall right in line with our adolescence. Fitting then, 14 year-old Emily DiPrimio wasn’t just content to watch them, but get out and craft one herself. It’s now complete and the young filmmaker has unveiled the first trailer for CARVER. 

Premiering at Badass Digest, the trailer for CARVER has a fun look about it. The killer, who dons a pumpkin head, has that sort of goofy, but menacing look that in the right combination can make slashers eerie. Plus, the stalker scythes.

That’s not to mention DiPrimio hearkens to the ol’ “guilty of childhood misdeeds” motivation. Earlier this year, I took umbrage with modern slashers and one of my issues was the lack of new perspective. While CARVER aims to be a throwback, the worldview of a 14 year-old female filmmaker sounds wonderful, and hopefully makes for something new.

There isn’t much in the way of kills in this trailer, but the CARVER site promises absolutely zero digital blood. For much more on CARVER, visit the previously linked site and its official Facebook.

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