Trailer: Daniel Lutz tell-all doc, “MY AMITYVILLE HORROR”


The most effective AMITYVILLE movie in years is a one-on-one interview. 

Hitting VOD and digital download March 15 (from IFC), MY AMITYVILLE HORROR finds Daniel Lutz, son of Kathy and stepson of George and one of the central figures of the original Amityville Haunting recount his version of events. What transpires is an often sad, sometimes weirdly hilarious portrait of a then-kid wrapped in the middle of media phenomenon, supernatural intrigue and coming-of-age in a disastrous family, and all the trauma it’s left behind. Director Eric Walter chronicles Lutz’s confessional, as well as meetings with psychiatrists and even paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren. Throughout, Lutz alternates between open, defensive, aggressive, ridiculous and belligerent. It’s a gripping watch that also features, considering the talk that comes directly before it, the best onscreen guitar solo going.

For more on MY AMITYVILLE HORROR, see Fango’s review and pick up issue #321 for an exclusive preview.

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