Trailer Debut: The Badilla Brothers’ Chilean Neo-Giallo “MALDITO AMOR”


This past March brought the teaser of MALDITO AMOR, Gonzalo and Sebastián Badilla’s horror-comedy that’s equally influenced by 80s high school pictures as it is gialli, and one of the many reasons to be excited about the burgeoning genre scene in South America. Specially crafted as an announcement, that clip revealed the playful humor inherent to the production, but little else. FANGORIA is excited then to reveal the first footage from the film in its lengthy international trailer.

Written & Directed by Gonzalo Badilla and his brother Sebastián Badilla (who also stars), DAMNED LOVE finds the two successful Chilean filmmakers switch gears from pure comedy to something more horrific, though decidedly colorful and pop in aesthetic. Backed by Giallo Disco all-stars Vercetti Technicolor, MALDITO AMOR centers on a teenager looking to declare his love for his best friend, but gets mixed up in the murders of their classmates. As the prom is set for the final massacre, a killer is on the loose and judging by his stylish look, he seems to have seen BLOOD AND BLACK LACE.

The Badilla Brothers tell Fango that MALDITO AMOR is the brothers’ attempt to “join genres in the same vein that Edgard Wright and Simon Pegg did with SHAUN OF THE DEAD.” The brothers “very much identified with that movie, but are searching to fuse two different genres for this one. On one hand, this is a clear homage to the great giallo and slashers—the movie was written and filmed with Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Wes Craven, Sergio Martino and John Carpenter in mind. On the other hand, the romantic comedy aspect of the movie is very strong with clear nods to the classic John Hughes movies of the 80s (Sebastián’s performance was influenced by Anthony Michael Hall). The tagline says it all: ‘A romantic comedy with murders.’

MALDITO AMOR opens this Halloween in Chile and is currently searching for international distribution.

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