Trailer: Is “THE PURGE” high concept home invasion?

The latest from cinema’s low budget genre machine Blumhouse (SINISTER, INSIDIOUS) is predicated on a fascinating idea—the seeming extreme of “necessary evil” rationalization—which is one night a year in a now very peaceful America, all crime is legal. Naturally, the haven the country masquerades as erupts in violent chaos and the James DeMonaco-directed picture focuses on how one family aims to make it through the night.

At home, is the plan. The unit, headed by Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, lock themselves down, but one of their curious children lets in a citizen in distress which causes those after him to come calling. While intriguing, THE PURGE’s trailer comes with the fear that its foundation is little more than an excuse for yet another home invasion story. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with seeing how a fantastic cast like Hawke and Headey fare in such a yarn, but here’s hoping DeMonaco manages to substantially explore the world of THE PURGE, as well.

THE PURGE is out May 31. [iTunes]


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