Trailer Premiere: “V/H/S”‘ Hannah Fierman in Carmilla Take, “THE UNWANTED”


Independent filmmaker Bret Wood (PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS, HELL’S HIGHWAY) has revealed the trailer for THE UNWANTED, a Southern Gothic retelling of Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic and influential novella “Carmilla,” starring V/H/S Hannah Fierman, HOUSE’s William Katt and Christen Orr.

In THE UNWANTED, Orr stars as Carmilla, “a young woman who arrives in a small Southern town seeking info about the disappearance of her mother years earlier. Carmilla befriends Laura (Fierman), an emotionally fragile waitress who lives in a secluded house with her overprotective father (Katt). When a romantic bond forms between the two women, the father takes extreme measures to end the relationship, and keep the women from uncovering the dreadful secret that lies buried in the past.”

THE UNWANTED is set to make its world premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival on Monday, March 31, before playing the Dundead Film Festival in Dundee, Scotland on May 3 and the Twisted Celluloid Film Festival in City of Cork, Ireland on May 17.

For more visit THE UNWANTED’s Official Site and Facebook Page.

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