Trailer, Release Date: Shot on Super 8 Halloween Horror, “I AM ZOZO”

Ah, the old, “we played a game on Halloween and legit summoned a demon.” This year, the scenario comes from director Scott Di Lalla in I AM ZOZO, which was shot on super endearing Super 8 and is sticking to its guns as being based on an entity that’s actually contacted many an unwitting youth messing around with the Ouija. 

Hitting DVD and VOD from Image on November 19, I AM ZOZO finds five (who said three is a magic number? Not in youth-oriented horror movies) friends contact the titular force via Ouija board. Demonic hijinks ensue. Seeing as how I AM ZOZO boasts that wonderful Super 8 aesthetic, it’s hard to not immediately want to enjoy it. That’s coupled with the film’s official site which dedicates an entire section to “testimonials” and warnings of the malevolent supernatural presence.

And even a cursory glance online will reveal plenty of destinations discussing the threat of Zozo (full name: Bahzozo. Guess he thought it was too formal, like when people call me Samuel). Paranormal researcher Darren Evans even refers to himself as a Zozoologist. Is Zozo proper Ouija mythology? I’m unsure, and not looking to find out, but here’s four hours of folks trying to. I won’t watch it, but let me know if something cool happens.

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