Trailer: Snowbound Scares in Renny Harlin’s “DEVIL’S PASS”

Originally titled THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT* (after the real life tragedy which it’s based on), Renny Harlin’s foray into found footage horror has been redeemed DEVIL’S PASS and set for September release. A trailer, which reveals the NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST 4 director’s take on the mysterious 1959 deaths of nine hikers as a new generation go looking, is below.

In the film, five (always five!) young folks dig into what happened to the aforementioned nine skiiers in February of 1959 when they were found dead in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Of course, due to the lack of witnesses and strange, fatal internal traumas found on many of the bodies, theories that blame everything from the supernatural to KGB-related espionage to bright flying spheres have been floated. Whatever caused it compelled much of the party to break through their camp tents from the inside and wander the incredible snow and other harsh conditions in little clothing. Weirdly, much of that clothing they left behind was apparently found to be radioactive.

Will DEVIL’S PASS be as interesting as the speculation? We’ll find out September 27 On Demand and in limited release.

*Seemingly due to the foreign word (the last name of the leader of the dead explorers, Igor), although funny enough, the trailer opens with the relatively easy pronunciation.

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