First Trailer: “EXCISION” Director’s Horror Comedy, “SUBURBAN GOTHIC”

EXCISION. That’s a movie. Richard Bates, Jr’s feature debut was far from perfect yes, but it was also a transgressive, delirious, winning trip into outsider and suburban psyche. And he may not be straying far with upcoming Fantasia World Premiere, SUBURBAN GOTHIC.

Starring Matthew Gray Gubler (who’s also part of the upcoming suburbia-skewering horror comedy LIFE AFTER BETH) and Kat Dennings, SUBURBAN GOTHIC looks decidedly lighter and more accessible than EXCISION, but no less fun. In the film, quirky young Raymond has been having a tough couple of months. Even with his recent college degree, he can’t find work in the big city — and he’s realizing that it’s time to swallow his pride and move back in with his overbearing, suburban parents.

Little does he realize, however, that this temporary layover in Middle America is going to be anything but mundane… Haunted by otherworldly visions since childhood, Raymond soon finds himself beset upon by spirits intent on making his time at home as miserable as possible. His only outlet for sanity seems to be local bartender Becca who, aside from chasing off the same bullies who wanted to beat Raymond up in high school, finds herself drawn to his endearing quirkiness. Together, the duo find themselves unraveling the mystery behind a century-old murder — and scaring up plenty of laughs along the way.

Co-starring Ray Wise and featuring John Waters (!), SUBURBAN GOTHIC World Premieres at the Fantasia Film Festival this July 19 at 9:45 p.m. For tickets, and more info, visit Fantasia. [Deadline]

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