Trailer: The dreadful stares of “MANIAC”

A lot of Franck Khalfoun’s nasty, unsettling remake of William Lustig’s nasty, New York horror MANIAC is looking. Of course, much of the film you’re staring through the eyes of the maniac himself, but then there’s the stares back at him, something highlighted in the movie’s official U.S. trailer. The eyes looking back at Frank (Elijah Wood) are filled with judgment, fear, affection, enticement and it all adds greatly to a truly dreadful atmosphere.

Relocated to L.A., the film stars Wood as mannequin-shop owner, socially awful and dangerously obsessive Frank, whose lethal habits escalate when a beautiful photographer enters his life. There’s much good word on the film and it’s well deserved. It’s loosely, but mostly, told in a point-of-view format adding a fresh, suspenseful take on many of the stalk sequences. That’s not to mention the amazing score (on Spotify now and on sale soon in a fantastic package from Death Waltz Records), or how intensely nasty it all is.

MANIAC is out this June 21 on VOD and in limited theatrical release. [iTunes]

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