Trailer: “THE PURGE” Sequel Promises “ANARCHY”


THE PURGE: ANARCHY, in which writer/director James DeMonaco gets out of the house. 

Last year’s THE PURGE was certainly a hit, but weathered plenty in the way of critical detraction from writers and audiences, and mostly for seemingly wasting a fairly nutso concept in which a future America would be allowed one night a year to give in to violent impulse, criminal acts and generally morally reprehensible behavior. By holding back on its conceit, THE PURGE also felt as if it was holding back on all of the potential subtext and societal parallel that went with it, opting instead for a largely standard home invasion/siege movie with pockets of potential throughout.

THE PURGE: ANARCHY, on the other hand, looks as if it’s dropping us directly in the middle with those who suffer from The Purge the most, the citizens stranded out in the streets, or ones who can’t afford high end security systems that Ethan Hawke sells. As a result, the first teaser of the sequel is stocked with some striking imagery that seems to promise DeMonaco and Blumhouse are prepared to bring a more colorful, violent, possibly exploitative, and yes, more anarchic movie as Americans roam the streets and wreak havoc on their fellow man.

Will this deliver? We’ll find out June 20. Zach Gilford, Frank Grillo (THE GREY), Kiele Sanchez and Michael K. Williams star. See the trailer, and new images, below.

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