Trailer: Will the “AMERICAN GUINEA PIG” Series Shock you?

Surely coming soon to a GOREZONE near you is “BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE,” the first in a series from director Stephen Biro (Unearthed Films), who aims to revive and relaunch the notorious GUINEA PIG films stateside. Does the transgressive and shocking power remain?

Comprising of seven films (one of which is a clip show for those into splatter especially devoid of context), the Japanese GUINEA PIG films were notoriously gross and raw and grisly and strange and prodding and upsetting, and all of the things we want out of our horror films when we first get into them. Admirably, some later GUINEA PIG titles were weird tales, and not simply the late night gross out of “Flower of Flesh and Blood,” which remains the most infamous of them all.

But that title is where Biro seems to be finding the most inspiration, taking whatever poetry there was out of the name and christening his first AMERICAN GUINEA PIG movie, “Bouquet of Guts and Gore.” The film looks effectively gruesome, but I can’t help wondering what the point is, exactly?

With a plot outline that bluntly reads, “Death,” BOUQUET.. is framed as of the same series and era as FLOWER OF FLESH AND BLOOD. That film exploited the myth of Snuff, edging up to a dangerous line that confronted the possibility of genuine films like this existing and sickeningly revealing what they might be like. Currently, there is no myth. Tapes of real death don’t live in any sort of shadowy space.

Does this somehow make an AMERICAN GUINEA PIG series more effective? A more confrontational mirror? Is it simply the same old gorehound “dangerous” SFX silliness? Unearthed can certainly toe a line, as evident by releasing more interesting, transgressive work like MORRIS COUNTY and THANATOMORPHOSE. I guess we’ll see. For more, visit Unearthed Films.

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