As the cinematic world continues to evolve and new styles of filmmaking arise, the outlets from which budding artists are able to share their unique voices and stories evolves as well.  One such outlet, as obvious as it may seem, is the internet and the Tribeca Film Festival is making it a point to showcase outstanding filmmakers specializing in online filmmaking.

In its fourth year running, Tribeca N.O.W. (New Online Work) is a specialty program within the overall programming of the Tribeca film festival, dedicated to the celebration of up-and-coming, online filmmakers. Even more so, within the last year, two additional programs have been added onto N.O.W., including OUT OF THIS WORLD: FEMALE FILMMAKERS IN GENRE, a special screening of three films created by three exceptional female filmmakers; Arkasha Stevenson, Vera Miao, and Nicole Delaney.

Liza Domnitz, current program director of N.O.W. notes, “Last year we further expanded Tribeca N.O.W. to include two additional programs; N.O.W. Special Screenings, which are more high-profile works from up-and-coming online studios or work that could be a feature film that’s going to be distributed just online. And then we started a private industry event called The Tribeca Creators Market, which is essentially a film festival market specifically for creators who are making works for the online space.”  She followed with, “And OUT OF THIS WORLD is one of the special screenings, the second part of Tribeca N.O.W.”

After watching the films created by Stevenson (PINEAPPLE), Miao (TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: MA), and Delaney (YOYO), Domnitz knew instantly that these were something special. “I was genuinely impressed by all three of these pieces and all three of them have this very cool atmosphere and vibe to them, in very different ways. I’d seen PINEAPPLE at Sundance and it’s just visually spectacular. Then I’d seen the other two pieces and t struck me as a potentially really cool little program. And then I realized they were all women and it just worked out even better.”

Now, with the growth of online studios such as Stage 13 and Adaptive Studios, more and more filmmakers are able to share their art with the world; this is only the beginning of the emergence of online filmmakers and strong female voices.  So, if you can, try to catch PINEAPPLE, TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: MA, and YOTO, screening Saturday, April 29th at 6pm at the Cinepolis Chelsea 7. “It’s these three pieces back-to-back and then afterwards we are going to have a conversation with the three filmmakers and Cristina Cacioppo from Alamo Drafthouse will talk to them.”

Tickets are still available so check out TribecaFilm.com for more info.

Check out our conversation with Vera Miao and Nicole Delaney HERE!

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Adam Lee Price has an intense love of horror films and has since being a child. This love of horror has led him to focus on a career in writing films for the next generation of genre fans. Adam has recently completed writing his first feature length horror screenplay entitled THE MASQUERADE. Now, he looks forward to the next chapter of his life working alongside great writers in the horror industry and at FANGORIA Magazine.
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