TV: New looks at “SALEM” and NBC’s “ROSEMARY’S BABY”

The season of the witch endures as the curious miniseries retelling of ROSEMARY’S BABY has begun to show itself, while WGN America’s SALEM continues to entice.

A new trailer for SALEM, the upcoming series which places actual witchcraft in the town notorious for persecuting accused practitioners of it, has been unveiled and it’s abound with grotesque, moody imagery. Could this show be something? As some truly, stunning looking television hits (HANNIBAL, TRUE DETECTIVE), will SALEM and its tale of black magick attempt to follow suit. The images in this spot, at least those of the more overtly genre material, certainly seem stylish and neat. SALEM premieres Sunday, April 20 on WGN America.

Secondly, TVLine has premiered two images from the upcoming NBC miniseres based on Ira Levin’s novel and Roman Polanski’s classic film, ROSEMARY’S BABY. In the update, Zoe Saldana stars as Rosemary, who together with her husband, moves into a new apartment in Paris. There, they conceive and she begins to suspect a coven masquerading as doting neighbors are closing in on the approaching child.

How will ROSEMARY fare? NBC’s currently running HANNIBAL has managed to fantastically translate revered characters, so there’s likely room for optimism. I’m a bit more curious if the larger movement of witches is catching on? Are you watching any of the occult-based series hitting TV?


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