TV’s “MIST,” new “TALES FROM THE CRYPT” and more Shyamalan series are officially go


The TV horror landscape is only getting more crowded, with a pair of high-profile series getting their official green lights today and two more newly announced, one with a strong genre filmmaker attached.

This afternoon, the Spike network revealed that THE MIST, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novella that previously received a pilot commitment, has now been given the go-ahead for a full 10-episode run based on the strength of that first script. TWC-Dimension TV are producing the show, which will go into production this summer under executive producer Christian Torpe for a debut next year. “Christian and the entire team at TWC-Dimension TV have crafted the framework for a compelling and distinctive series that will resonate with Spike’s expanding audience,” says Spike’s Sharon Levy, and TWC’s Bob Weinstein adds, “We have been fortunate to produce and distribute two of Stephen King’s films, 1408 and THE MIST, and are pleased to continue that relationship by making THE MIST into a TV series. We’ve had an incredible experience developing the series with Christian, Sharon and her team and are eager to make this series a signature show for Spike.” No additional talent has been named as of now.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that TNT has officially greenlighted the revival of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, based on the classic EC comics. This will also be a 10-episode series, serving as the anchor of a full block of horror programming that will premiere in 2017 and is overseen by M. Night Shyamalan. The network has also ordered a pilot for a second anthology show, TIME OF DEATH, and put a third program called CREATURES into development. “I’m really thrilled about the way this horror block is coming together with the addition of TIME OF DEATH and CREATURES,” said Shyamalan. “That such a beloved property like TALES FROM THE CRYPT is launching our evening makes it an even more unique and exciting opportunity. Across the board, the level of talent has been very inspiring.”

TIME OF DEATH is a real-time series that, according to the network, will tell stories that take its characters and viewers on a “long night of hell.” Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy wrote the pilot. CREATURES is a variation on the Slenderman phenomenon, focusing on two former best friends who tried to sacrifice a classmate to an Internet bogeyman named Mr. Gorgi when they were 12. They were confined to an asylum, and when they’re released 15 years later and return to their Alaskan home town, they begin to sense Mr. Gorgi’s presence again. Tom Shankland, director of the superior killer-kid flick THE CHILDREN, will direct and executive-produce the pilot, from a script by Dominic Mitchell.

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